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Practice Chanters

Many pipers play their practice chanter more than they play their pipes. Yet all too often they accept a level of tuning and timbre with their practice chanter that they would never tolerate with their pipes. These practice chanters are selected with these factors in mind, as well as with covering the needs of all budgets and ages.

Below are practice chanters offered by the following makers:

John Walsh Bagpipes
Dunbar Bagpipe Maker

John Walsh honed his craft on his famous ‘Shuttle Pipes’ and mouthblown Scottish Smallpipes. His practice chanters – both delrin and blackwood – are among the best quality and value in the business. Once you become accustomed to the watertrap installed in every model you’ll never want to be without one.

LISTEN! Hear "The Seagull" played on a John Walsh Long polypenco practice chanter.
JWPPC – Long polypenco with watertrap
Walsh long poly with watertrap

This is my best-selling practice chanter. All plastic, it’s bright, perfectly in tune, has long finger spacing and a watertrap and is eminently affordable. This is a great starter model before you move on to blackwood.
Cdn $115
Available from shopping cart below.

JWPRPC – Regular length polypenco with watertrap
Walsh standard poly with watertrap

This is the same chanter as above, but is a traditional design: a short chanter with short finger spacing, the way all practice chanters were prior to the 1970s. Some people like to buy these for younger children and then graduate up to the longer version once they grow.
Cdn $95
Available from shopping cart below.

Walsh child's poly
JWPCPC – Child’s polypenco practice chanter
For the very young piping enthusiast – children in the 6-9 age group – here is a specially sized chanter, but with all the advantages of the above models. Unfortunately, the chanter top is too small to accomodate a watertrap.
Cdn $85
Available from shopping cart below.

The above practice chanters can be ordered using the shopping cart below:


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Long polypenco chanter with watertrap, hole spacing the same as the pipe chanter. Cdn. $115.
Polypenco practice chanter with regular (small) spacing between the holes. Top is equipped with a watertrap. Cdn. $95.
John Walsh Child's polypenco practice chanter for small children. Cdn. $85.
This starter package includes a superb John Walsh Long Polypenco Practice Chanter, The National Piping Centre's "Highland Bagpipe Tutor," and Jim McGillivray's "Rhythmic Fingerwork." Cdn $195 (save $9).
Get the College of Piping "Green Book," the Piping Centre Tutor and "Rhythmic Fingerwork" (all with CDs) with a John Walsh Long Polypenco practice chanter with reed and watertrap. Cdn $235 (save $10.50).
Get both the College of Piping "Green Book" and the Piping Centre Tutor with a John Walsh Long Polypenco practice chanter with reed and watertrap. Cdn $190 (save $17.50)
Combine the College of Piping "Green Book" with "Rhythmic Fingerwork" (both with CDs) and a John Walsh Long Polypenco practice chanter with reed and watertrap for $185 (save $5.50).
Products 1 - 7 of 7 Page: « 1 »