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Pipe Cases, Bag Covers, Drone Cords
McGillivray Piping is not a complete Highland supply shop. My expertise is in instruments and education. I try to preserve as much of my time as I can to do that, and I'm afraid if I sold balls of hemp and drone stoppers I wouldn't have any time left to do what I do best. So I'm afraid you'll have to update your supplies box somewhere else! So I sell accessories with pipes only.

'Classic' Pipe Tote
Classic case closed
Classic case open

This is the only pipe case I carry and it is the only pipe case I use. I own three personal sets of pipes and each is in a different coloured 'Classic' pipe tote.

The most important thing for me is that it's big enough to hold a set of pipes fitted with a Ross Canister bag. Many standard pipe cases do not. Second thing is it has two big velcro-closing pockets on the top of the lid. They hold my maintenance kit, a spare set of drone reeds, a spare Ross canister, a silver polishing cloth and a tuning meter and there's still enough space to throw a book in.

Third thing is that it's very comfortable to carry. It comes with a great shoulder strap (removeable) and it's solid enough to protect the pipes, but soft enough not to bash my hip and leg as I carry it.

It has a tough, cordura outer covering, solid board frame and a half inch of padded nylon lining in the interior, which all combine to strength, protection and style. The zipper is tough 10-guage with years of life. The oldest of my three cases is now four years and showing no signs of wear.

The outside measurements are L24" x W13" x D6". Inside measurements are L22.5" x W11" x D5". It weighs 1.25 kg or 2.75 lbs. It comes in black, royal blue and burgundy.

Due to its size, it requires a small shipping surcharge when ordered on its own.

CLPCBL:    Black
CLPCRO:   Royal Blue
CLPCBU:   Burgundy
Cdn $195 with pipe sales only, not sold separately

'Classic' Smallpipe Tote
Classic Smallpipe Tote open
Classic Smallpipe Tote closed

This specially made smallpipe case is shaped to accomodate a bellows and anywhere from one to three sets of smallpipes or Border pipes.

I often travel with this case. It carries my bellows, two sets of Scottish smallpipes and a Northumbrian smallpipe quite comfortably.

It is manufactured just like the Classic Pipe Tote described above and measures L28" x D6" and W12" at its widest point. It has one large velcro-closing pocket on top and comes with a comfortable shoulder strap.

It comes in black only.

Due to its size, it requires a small shipping surcharge when ordered on its own.

CST:  Black
Cdn $195 with pipe sales only, not sold separately

Deluxe Bag Covers
Deluxe Bag Cover
Velveteen, reinforced sleeves, velcro opening and Dycem overlay.
These bag covers are made exclusively for McGillivray Piping by a professional seamstress. They are designed to fit perfectly over the Ross Canister bag — hose clamps, zipper and all. They fit Bannatyne bags beautifully as well. The drone sleeves are reinforced to prevent hose clamps from cutting through the material. A velcro closure at the bottom makes it easy to get at the zip. Each cover has a Dycem grip overlay where the bag meets the ribcage and another where it meets the left upper arm.

The bag is made of velveteen in your choice of black, navy, red or green, with trim in your choice of black, navy, red, green, ivory, gold, silver or white.

Cdn $80 value, offered standard with any set of pipes; not sold separately.

' Silk' Drone Cords 
Drone cord colour
Photography isn't my strong suit, but this unkempt mess shows my cord colours, from top left: navy, black, silver, royal blue, green, red, gold, ivory, white. The cords are much nicer than the picture....
What are generally advertised as 'silk' drone cords are not actually silk, but silky rayon. In any case they look miles better than the fuzzy wool variety offered on cheap pipes.

My cords come in black, navy, royal blue, dark green, silver, gold, red, white or ivory. I've tried my best to make sure my drone cord colours match my bag cover trim.

I've learned over the years exactly how to put cords on pipes so that the distance between drones is correct for your height, and so the cord ties don't slowly slip and cause the cords to come loose from the drone.

Cdn $35 value, offered standard on any set of pipes; not sold separately.