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The Breadalbane


"The Breadalbane" by Dunbar Bagpipes and Jim McGillivray
The Breadalbane reproduction of a Duncan MacDougall bagpipe

"The Breadalbane" is a reproduction of a bagpipe made by Duncan MacDougall around 1880. The name comes from the stamp he used on his pipes during the time he lived on the Breadalbane estate at Taymouth Castle during the 1870s and early 1880s. Pipes he made at this time were stamped "D McDougall, Breadalbane."

I purchased the original bagpipe from a well known Scottish piping figure, the late Allan Beaton. He actually purchased it from the Taymouth Castle estate where it had resided for as longis  as anyone can remember.

"I have had a few high points in my life and this certainly qualifies for one of them. The Breadalbane pipes arrived safe and sound. They are so beautiful and the warm sound marvelous! They are set up perfectly. The engraving is flawless and better than I had imagined. The pipes are perfect, the color,beading and combing are without peer. Thank you seems so weak."
Bill Cleghorn, Marksville, LA

This reproduction is made by Dunbar Bagpipes in St. Catharines, Ontario, a superb pipemaking firm founded by Jack Dunbar in the 1960s. Jack learned his trade at the Henderson shop in the 1940s.

These sets are currently made from high-quality blackwood that was harvested in 2005-6. The projecting mounts are of holly, the metal mounts are aluminum, hand-engraved by David Davidse of Truehand Engraving. Both craftsmen have captured superbly the lines and shapes of the original pipes.

Like the original, the tone is rich and subtle -- neither booming like a Henderson pipe nor subdued like David Glen's. The classic, enveloping Duncan MacDougall bass drone sound has been captured beautifully.

"The Breadalbane reproduction arrived. It is the best sounding pipe that I have ever bought. Odd, I've been experimenting with pipes for a while and were told that my sets sounded similar to MacDougalls. I now see what people meant.  Great sounding set. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a sound that is a cut above the rest. My hat is off to Rick Pettigrew at Dunbar and Jim McGillivray for bringing this into existence."
Stephen Anderson, Louden, TN

As pictured below, the bagpipe can also be fitted with closed, beaded aluminum ferrules, beaded ring caps and plain aluminum slides. ("Beaded" refers to the metal ring encircling one end of the ferrule or the bottom of the ring cap.) The bagpipe is also available with full holly mounts. The blowpipe is blackwood with a wide bore and polypenco lining to prevent splitting of the wood.

"Hi Jim: The pipes arrived safe and sound an hour ago! I re-seated all the drone reeds after their journey and played the set for the past 40 minutes! That drone sound is exactly what I want! There's a buzz and a unified tone that, once all the drones come-in, is a joy to be surrounded by - if that's a concept!  The first things I played were: Urlar to Lady MacDonald's Lament, then the air Lochaber No More. Thanks so much - Now I am in for some real fun. A pleasure doing business with you! The quality at all levels is so high, my hat off to the folks a Dunbar! Best, Brian."
Brian McCandless, Elkton, MD

These replica sets come with a one-year guarantee against cracking. Use the mp3 player below to hear Jim McGillivray play part of the piobaireachd "MacIntosh's Banner" on a "Breadalbane" bagpipe:

Email me about this set.

As shown in photo above, sticks only
CAD $2,700 plus shipping

Full holly or artificial ivory mounts, sticks only
CAD $2,520 plus shipping

With beaded ferrules and caps, plain aluminum slides, sticks only
CAD $3,295 plus shipping

Unbeaded ferrules as shown in photo above, set up to play - Ross Bag, MCC2 McCallum poly chanter, Canning or Kinnaird Evolution drone reeds, bag cover, cords.
CAD $3,495  plus shipping

Full holly or artificial ivory mounts, set up to play
CAD $3,235 plus shipping

With beaded ferrules and caps, plain aluminum slides, set up to play
CAD $3,735 plus shipping

McGillivray Piping Inc. is not associated with Mr. David Atherton or Atherton Bagpipes, and neither company sponsors or endorses the products of the other.

Breadalbane drones, end view
Breadalbane drones, side view
Breadalbane drones, bottom view
Bottom projecting mounts
Breadalbane tenor drones Close-up of hand-engraved aluminum ferrules
Bells and drone tops
Projecting mounts close
Engraved drone caps with holly bushes Stocks Wood and combing close-up  
Below are photos of the Breadalbane option with beaded, closed drone ferrules, beaded ring caps, and plain aluminum tuning slides.
The Breadalban option with beaded ferrules and rings and plain aluminum slides. Breadalbane beaded with plain slides, holly projecting mounts Beaded ferrules, plain slides Closed ferrules on tuning chambes
Below are photos of the Breadalbane option in full holly.

Fully-holly mounted Breadalbane


Holly-mounted Breadalbane Holly ring caps, bushes

Holly tenor ferrules


The Breadalbane in full artificial ivory.
Breadalbane artificial ivory