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Welcome to McGillivray Piping, an
online piping boutique operated by
me, Jim McGillivray. I specialize in vintage
bagpipes, select new bagpipes, chanters, instructional material, music, and a small number of specialized products. Finding the right bagpipe, whether new or old, can be a challenge, and buyers need knowledgeable help. Contact me with questions or your wish list. I'm often on the go and rarely by the phone, so email is the best way to hear from me quickly. My goal is to make sure that what you buy here is right for you.

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of vintage bagpipe reproductions.


Bought and Sold.

Now Available:
~ circa 1880s David Glen, ebony, new full imitation ivory replica mounts
~2014 Dunbar, engraved silver, blackwood projecting mounts

~1963-64 hallmarked R. G. Hardie, silver and ivory
~REPRODUCTION, Robertson, 1940s
~REPRODUCTION, David Glen, 1890s
~REPRODUCTION, Donald MacPhee, 1870s

~REPRODUCTION, Duncan MacDougall, 1870s

Coming Soon:
~circa 1930 full ivory Henderson
~circa 1920 Henderson, ivory projecting mounts, nickel ferrules

~circa 1900 ebony Henderson, full ivory
~circa 1920s cocuswood buttonmount Glens, nickel ferrules, new imitation ivory caps