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Piping World On-line
This is a daily piping news magazine with articles, interviews, technical and topical features produced by Piping World, the worlds oldest independent piping publisher, with more that 20 years of publishing and archival material at hand.

The Pipers and Pipe Band Society of Ontario
This organization administers solo and band piping and drumming competitions at 10-15 summer Highland Games in the piping and drumming hotbed that is southern Ontario. They run some winter competitions too at various branches across the province. If you want to compete as a soloist in Ontario, this is the organization to join.

The Captain's Corner
Produced by Ken Eller, one of Canada's great piping ambassadors and most knowledgeable pipe bandsmen and teachers, this site is packed with information, audio files and fascinating facts and photos. Ken also uses this as a teaching medium and you can subscribe to Ken's teaching services.

Bob Dunsire's Discussion Forums
Founded by a Seattle piper and piping enthusiast who sadly passed away in November 2006 this amazing site is now administered by his daughter and moderated by knowledgeable piping and drumming people. It provides the best discussion groups on the Internet for bagpipers of all types, pipe band snare drummers, bass and tenor drummers, drum majors and Highland dancers. It's a great place to ask questions, learn new things, and hobnob with top pipers and drummers.

Andrew Lenz's Bagpipe Journey
For both beginning and advanced pipers, this site features articles that cover a wide range of topics, including a piper's dictionary, how to identify drone reeds, tips for competitors, a 'Who's Who' in piping, maintenance, Andrew's competition journal and more.

The Bagpipe Web Directory
Also founded by the late Bob Dunsire, this site is THE resource to check in order to find virtually anything piping-related on the Internet. It is extensive, well organized and updated regularly.

The Piping Centre, Glasgow
This is a central hub of piping in Glasgow, and many pipers from North America visit the centre for first-class pipe teaching in Scotland. They offer accommodations, lessons, meals, recitals and more.

The Competing Pipers' Association
Any piper wishing to compete in Scotland will want to join this organization, which distributes an annual list of all Scottish Highland Games and also assigns gradings to pipers for use by the major solo competitions in Scotland.

The Piobaireachd Society
'Piobaireachd' (pronounced 'pee-brock') is referred to as the classical music of the bagpipe. Many tunes are hundreds of years old and can last for 20 minutes or more. The best piobaireachd players are considered to be at the top of the piping tree. The Piobaireachd Society has been the caretaker of the Big Music for almost 100 years.

Published in Ontario since 1981, this is a leading piping magazine that in 2006 went completely online. It contains interviews, articles and reviews by premier pipers and drummers, advertising for all the leading products, lots of news and a little gossip.  This website is a great source of news and information, and its 'Classifieds' are a great way to sell or buy equipment.

Willie McCallum Piping
This is a fairly new site (2007-08) from a good friend of mine, and one of the greatest competitive pipers in the last 10 years.