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McCallum/McCallum Solo Pipe Chanter
This chanter has been designed by one of the leading pipemakers on the planet to the tonal specifications of the leading solo competitor on the planet. Willie McCallum provided the input, and Stuart McCallum of McCallum Bagpipes designed the chanter. The McC² is designed at a slightly lower pitch than most chanters being made today, which many soloists will find a blessing. This chanter can be set comfortably between 474 and 478 depending on the reed. It is very vibrant — typical of the McCallum brand. In another design innovation most soloists will appreciate, the chanter has been created with a view to eliminating flat notes that restrict the variety of reeds it can accept. While many pipers see a tape-free chanter as the ideal, Willie McCallum's philosophy (as well as that of many top soloists) is that a chanter should be designed to accept the maximum variety of reeds, and the performer will use tape as necessary to correct slight sharpness as needed. Most top-flight soloists see a small amount of tape on some top-hand notes as a much-desired fine-tuning mechanism: another of Willie's philosophies. The result of this carefully thought out process is what may well be the best solo chanter on the market today.

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