A Professional Piper in Peace and War, John Wilson, Edinburgh/Toronto

John Wilson (1906-1979) was one of the great players on either side of the Atlantic during the early and mid-1900s. He was in his prime as a competitor during the 1930s and 1940s around the games in Scotland, his name appearing at the top of the lists in the premier events against the best there was: Robert Reid, Robert Brown, Robert Nicol, J.B. Robertson and more. It was all the more remarkable that he accomplished this after having lost most of his left-hand thumb and first two fingers in an accident as a boy.

In 1948 he emigrated to Toronto and became a prime influence in the rise of the Ontario piping scene from the 1950s until his death in 1979, teaching Reay Mackay, Billy Gilmour, Bill Livingstone, Bob Worrall, Michael Grey and scores more.

His 1978 autobiography tells his life story in the unabashed and outspoken voice he used all of his life and that made him one of the most entertaining figures in piping. This copy is in excellent condition but for some staining and wear on the dust jacket. It is signed by Wilson to an Ian MacPherson just five months before Wilson passed away.

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