Angus Mackay’s “A Collection of Ancient Piobaireachd,” 1899 edition

Angus Mackay (1813-1859) is generally regarded as the most influential piper of all time, and this collection was his masterwork. It was first published in 1838.

This printing is often mistaken for a first edition because the title page shows the 1838 date. The difference is this: the 1899 edition was published by “LOGAN & COMPy,” while the 1838 edition title page shows “Edinburgh, published by the editor to be had at McClary’s library.” Very few first editions survive.

The 1899 edition is a beautiful book, printed clearly with all 61 tunes written out in full. It includes significant historical notes on early competitions and pipers, though it is generally agreed that these may not have been written by Mackay himself.

This book is in excellent condition, a bit dog-eared on the corners. It measures 13” x 10.5”. The binding is slightly loose with wear but still very good. Click here to see the Table of Contents.


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