• Scottish smallpipe in D, Ian Kinnear, circa 2000

    SOLD – Smallpipes of various kinds come up here periodically, but this is the first Ian Kinnear set we’ve had.  I acquired the set in unplayable condition some time ago and immediately sent it to Ian Kinnear for a refurb. He polished the pipes and reaffixed mounts, put a new bag on and reeded up the set from scratch. They are going beautifully now and look like they were just made. It was Ian who suggested the year of manufacture.

    There is no bellows with this set, but there is a brand new black bag cover.  The ivorine top on the big drone has at some point been broken, but it has been re-glued and polished and is barely noticeable.

    Email me about this set.

    As shown, no bellows
    CAD $1,450 plus shipping