“The Pipes of War,” John Grant and Bruce Seton, 1920

This remarkable pair of books was published in 1920 and only 200 were produced. It is extremely rare to acquire both.

The music book contains 49 tunes, described as “composed during the Great War.” It measures 10.5” x 8”. It is in good condition with a bit of fraying along the corners.

The book proper is titled, “The Pipes of War,” subtitled “A Record of the Achievements of Pipers of Scottish and Overseas Regiments During the War 1914-18.” It contains 290 pages of descriptions of the various Highland regiments and their pipers, battles and casualties. It contains a number of beautiful colour plates. This book is hand-numbered 181 of 200.

Both books were owned by Norman MacDonald, though it appears he may have acquired them at different times. The book of text has written on the inside cover “Norman MacDonald, Greenock, July 1920,” while the book of music is inscribed “Norman MacDonald, Skye.” This Norman MacDonald was the composer of the great competition march “Father John MacMillan of Barra,” and several good jigs, including “Alex MacDonald.”

These books are sold only as a pair. To see the Table of Contents of the text book, click here.  To see the Table of Contents of the music book, click here.


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