“Classic” Pipe Totes
classic pipe totes

The carry-totes come in black, navy and burgundy, as pictured. The backpack style comes in black only.

I have played “Classic” pipe totes for 20 years and have never had any inclination to change. I love these cases.

They are roomy and easily contain a bagpipe using any style of moisture control system. I love how they look. They are classy as well as being utilitarian.

They retain moisture nicely so that your pipes don’t dry out in two days.

They measure 24” x 12’’ x 6”. They also come in a backpack style.

Two storage pouches on the top are roomy enough for spare canisters, maintenance kit and a music book. The removable shoulder strap makes carrying easy.

Because shipping rates can vary so much with a package of this size, I prefer to sell these cases only with pipes that I sell. If you would like to buy one separately, please email for a shipping quote.

The backpack style simplifies carrying even more.

Classic Pipe Tote, Black, Navy, Burgundy
CAD $265

Classic Backpack Pipe Tote, Black only
CAD $285