pipetunes.ca Gift Certificates
  • $35.50$205.50
    pipetunes.ca Gift Certificates

    The perfect gift for a piper! You can give free tune credits to your piping loved one or friend who can use them to print out professionally typeset music on the pipetunes.ca website of bagpipe sheet music.

    You will receive the attractive gift certificate by email, usually within 24 hours of placing the order. You can forward the certificate or print it out and give it in a card, package or in person.

    The recipient will create an account on the site if they don’t already have one. They will then email details of the account to our administrator who will populate the account with the appropriate number of credits.

    Credit packages are available as follows.  Prices are in CAD $$:

    100 – $35.50
    200 – $55.50
    400 – $88.50
    500 – $110.50
    1000 – $205.50

    Most tunes on pipetunes.ca are priced between 4 and 10 credits; a simple two-parted tune is usually between 4 and 8 credits, while more complex tunes or competition tunes are generally between 7 and 10 credits.

    All tunes are demonstrated on professionally played mp3 recordings that can be downloaded for free.

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