The Blair™ Digital Chanter

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Perhaps the foremost technological wizard in piping, Murray Blair played for Victoria Police during their World Pipe Band Championship years, at the same time becoming a leading pipe band recording engineer. He has produced a book of music, and several digital bagpipe tuners.

He has now produced what is easily the best and most natural electronic chanter on the market.

At first glance you would swear it’s a practice chanter, but a closer look reveals an LED display on the back and a control button with which to run the device. Rather than metal sensors, this chanter has actual holes that use light to trigger the note. You are able to calibrate the sensitivity of the holes to your own fingering style.

Blair digitial chanterBlair engraved

You can play Highland Bagpipe, Smallpipe or Practice Chanter sounds ranging in pitch from 440hz to 486hz. You can adjust the volume of any drone or all drones.

You can plug it into a keyboard or a MIDI program like GarageBand and generate the sounds of any number of instruments. There is a built-in metronome as well. It comes in two styles, one with Victorian engraving, and one plain.

The software that runs the chanter is capable of accepting downloads of future releases that will enhance its functionality and versatility. It comes with a sturdy and compact carrying case.

blair case

Plain metal mounts
CAD $840

Victorian engraved metal mounts
CAD $995

the Blair bag

The Blair Ergo pipe bag for the Blair Digital Chanter is made of memory foam and allows a comfortable, molded playing position for the Chanter.

Setting Sensors and Demo Videos

Setting sensors – Extended video:
When notes ‘Gurgle’ – sensors set too high:
When sensors have been set too low:
Smallpipe Demo:

  • $840.00
    The Blair™ Digital Chanter and Case, Plain Mounts

    The most advanced and natural digital chanter on the market today, with bagpipe, smallpipe and practice chanter sounds. Non-engraved metal mounts.

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  • $1,020.00
    The Blair™ Digital Chanter and Case, Engraved Mounts

    The most advanced and natural digital chanter on the market today, with bagpipe, smallpipe and practice chanter sounds. Victorian engraved metal mounts

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  • $230.00
    Blair Ergo Bag for the Blair Digital Chanter

    When this product first came out I was skeptical about its usefulness. After acquiring one, I discovered quickly that it makes for an extremely comfortable and familiar way of playing the Blair Digital Chanter. The bag is slim and lightweight, made of high performance memory foam that will form itself to your arm and rib cage. The bag is ergonomically shaped for comfort. It comes with an easy-to-use adapter for the chanter, and a blue velveteen cover, as pictured.

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  • $62.50
    Cut-off Pedal for Blair Digital Chanter

    This handy little cut-off pedal allows you to silence your Blair Digital Chanter with one tap of your foot. Attach a 1/8-inch jack from the Blair to the “IN” receptacle on the pedal, then plug your headphones or the output cord to your speaker into the “OUT” receptacle. Remember that this doesn’t turn the chanter off; it merely cuts the sound from reaching your output device. You will still need to turn the chanter off when you are finished. Patch cords are not provided.

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  • $130.00
    Cut-off Sensor for Blair Digital Chanter

    The Cut-Off Sensor is a stereo powered audio switch used to start/stop the Blair Digital Chanter. It consists of a Pressure Sensor pad and Control Interface. When pressure is applied to the sensor pad the Control Interface opens a switch so sound can be heard.

    The pressure sensor pad can be placed directly onto your pipe bag and there’s Velcro supplied. It’s usually best positioned on the arm side (outer side) of the pipe bag rather than body. The Control Interface can be placed towards the back of the bag or anywhere that’s convenient. The sensitivity of the sensor can also be adjusted.

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  • $48.50
    Pipe Bag Adapter for Blair Digital Chanter

    Insert the Digital Chanter into your full size Bagpipes! Practice anytime of the day with pipes on your shoulder, in position, and with headphones even when others are in asleep! The positioning and feel is identical to playing a full-size bagpipe without needing to blow.

    The adapter can be installed into a full size bagpipe pipe bag or into a standalone bag without drones.

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