AURORA JM, African Blackwood Pipe Chanter

As the pitch of the bagpipe continues to rise, I hear a growing number of people asking for a lower-pitched chanter, particularly for solo playing. I developed this slightly lower pitched chanter some years ago with Rick Pettigrew at Dunbar Bagpipes. Rick was very patient with my demands. I have played this chanter exclusively for the past three years now with either Troy, Shepherd or MacPhee reeds and have never owned a solo chanter I have been more pleased with. It is comfortable to the fingers, pitches between 472 and 478 depending on the reed (I play at 475-76), and is vibrant with crisp gracenoting. The chanter comes with a threaded reedseat and a reed in your desired strength.

To hear this chanter being played (in blackwood), click on “McIntosh’s Banner” or “Glengarry’s Lament” here .

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Chanter Reed Strength

Beginner Easy, Easy, Easy-Medium, Medium, Medium Strong, Strong