Chesney (Brass or Copper Staple)

This Chesney is the workhorse in my reed stock. It’s the most versatile reed I know, and one of the best tonally. It goes in lots of chanters and the reed responds well to shaving. Some of you who order an extremely easy reed from me may notice that I’ve shaved one or two to get them to your desired strength. You have to select either the brass-stapled or the copper-stapled. The brass-stapled is the most versatile and is best for the hobby piper. The copper-stapled is generally a bit stronger, has a flatter top hand and is favoured  by many top bands. Band discounts are available.


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Aurora JM, McCallum MCC2, McCallum MK III, Shepherd, Dunbar, Hardie, G1, Kyo, Gandy, Kron, Other, RJM, Sinclair, Ceol, Warnock

Reed Strength

Beginner Easy, Easy, Easy-Medium, Medium, Medium Strong, Strong


Brass staple, Copper staple