• Henderson, circa 1920, German silver and ivory

    SOLD – This bagpipe is very interesting. At first glance you would call it silver and ivory, and indeed it is, but with a catch. The metal is only 7% silver — just enough to give it a real sheen when you take the silver polishing cloth to it. These non-hallmarked “silver” and ivory pipes are more common than we might think, and several sets I’ve tested have come out with less than 10% silver.

    Having said that, they can be gorgeous in a way modern nickel or aluminum alloy doesn’t capture, and this set is just that. The ivory is nearly pristine. The set was stripped and refinished, a process that uncovered some hairline cracks, usually under ferrules. These have been invisible whipped and will not bring further trouble. The blowpipe stock is a poly-lined blackwood replica with the original ferrule. The mouthpiece bulb is a modern replacement, but the metal sleeve is original to the pipes

    These pipes played beautifully for me, locking in with that steady, seamless Henderson tone we hear so much about. It’s great to have it on your shoulder.