• Lawries, circa 1910, ebony, nickel, celluloid rings

    SOLD – This is an interesting and rare find: an ebony Lawrie complete with a 1912 bill of sale describing it even then as a used bagpipe.

    Ebony Lawries are rare, and this set sports the spun nickel ferrules unique to R. G. Lawrie. The rings appear to be celluloid, which is the most convincing imitation ivory ever devised. (It went out of fashion in the mid-1900s because it tended to catch fire of the lathe.) The bushes are ivory.

    As expected in ebony that comes to North America, there were some hairline cracks that were invisible whipped, and all but two undetectable.

    The pipes played beautifully with my Canning drone reeds. The drones are robust and vibrant and locked in right off. They have a seamless blend I find quite common in old ebony.

    Email me about this set.

    As shown, sticks only, original chanter
    CAD $4,750 plus shipping

    Set up to play by Jim McGillivray with Ross or Bannatyne bag, polypenco chanter of choice, Ezeedrone drone reeds, Highland Gear bag cover, plain coloured silk drone cords, plastic chanter cap. (To add Ross or Bannatyne Canister system and Ross valve/watertrap, add CAD $165) (For an African Blackwood chanter instead of polypenco, request add-on price.)
    CAD $5,425  plus shipping