“PIPE BANDS” by Jeannie Campbell, MBE

This massive tome must certainly be Jeannie Campbell’s opus. At 850 pages, the book weighs nearly 6 lbs and contains an astonishing amount of information on not only general pipe band history, but the history of the pipe band movement in various countries and continents. She reveals the stories and membership of innumerable pipe bands around the world, and if your pipe band has a long history you’re very liable to find yourselves here. Photos abound, and appendices include lists of world champions.

Jeannie Campbell, MBE (Member of the British Empire), a long-time former employee of the College of Piping and curator of its museum, has published widely for many decades. She is perhaps best known for her two books Highland Bagpipe Makers and More Highland Bagpipe Makers, though her articles in the Piping Times and other periodicals over the years also represent a huge body of important historical work. She lives in Glasgow.

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