R. T. Shepherd

Bob Shepherd won two World Pipe Band Championship in the 1970’s with his upstart youth band, Dysart and Dundonald, and changed the direction of pipe bands. His business, R.T. Shepherd & Son, has been successful for decades. The Shepherd reed as been a stalwart of the reed market for both for bands and soloists since the 1980s. While they go perfectly in the Shepherd chanter, they also go well in many other chanter makes. Band discounts are available.


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Aurora JM, McCallum MCC2, McCallum MK III, Shepherd, Dunbar, Hardie, G1, Kyo, Gandy, Kron, Other, RJM, Sinclair, Ceol, Warnock

Reed Strength

Beginner Easy, Easy, Easy-Medium, Medium, Medium Strong, Strong