The ‘Tone Protector’ Regulated Humidified Chanter Cap

The innovative little product is like a chanter cap with a brain. A small humidity pack sits inside a compartment inside the cap to keep the level of humidity around the reed in the general vicinity of 84%. If the humidity is less than that (as it would be during cold winters or in other dry climates) the pack raises the humidity. If you put your reed away wet after playing, the pack absorbs moisture, stabilizing to that 84% level deemed optimum for maintaining a healthy reed that is ready to play. The digital hygrometer embedded into the end of the cap shows you the humidity level being maintained. If it drops well below 84%, you know it’s time to change your humidity pack. The packs can last anywhere from a few months up to a year. Additional packs are sold separately. Sold here in black, blue or red.