• Unknown cocuswood set, pre-1920s, ivory, nickel

    This set is an unusual visual misfit, but with an absolutely brilliant tone. I purchased it as an ebony set of unknown make. When the pipes were stripped to be refinished, they were found to be made entirely of very high quality cocuswood.

    Not all the pieces or mounts match up externally, yet the overall visual effect is good. The projecting mounts and rings are ivory, the ferrules are nickel, likely added later. There are some chips in the ivory and some small splits in a couple of the ferrules. One of the bass projecting mounts is clearly a retrofit. The bass drone mid-joint had a surface crack which has been invisible whipped. The blowpipe is a new poly stick with the mount that came with the pipes.

    Despite outward appearances, this set is tonally superior, very much in the Lawrie tradition:  robust, rich, steady and easy to reed. If you’re looking for an affordable vintage set with a high-end sound, these are your pipes.

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