• William Sinclair & Son, 1976, fully mounted in boxwood

    William Sinclair began making pipes in the 1930s, and the firm is still going strong in Edinburgh under the direction of old Willie’s grandson. The company is renown for the quality of its pipes and chanters, and has long owned a position as one of the great modern pipemakers.

    This set was made in 1976, and was remounted in boxwood several years ago by pipemaker Tim Gellaitry, who in fact made pipes for Sinclair for many years. You could hardly make a better choice for reproducing Sinclair mounts. Tim also refinished the pipes at that time.

    The pipes are in immaculate condition, with no cracks or repairs. All pieces are original

    Sinclair tone is robust and steady. This set was easy to reed and behaved as expected. i’ve not encountered another boxwood-mounted Sinclar set. There may be others, but they are rare.

    This is a great “all-natural” pipe with a strong predigree.