• Wm. Sinclair & Son, circa 1960, ivory mounted with engraved silver slides, stock ferrules

    This great old set of 1960s Sinclairs is in mint condition. They were originally mounted full ivory. In 1977, the pipes were sent to Sinclair to replace a cracked blowpipe and blowpipe stock. The silver slides were added then. It’s possible the stocks were replaced at that time or the silver was added to the existing stocks. A slightly different finish on the stocks would suggest they were replaced. The stocks and blowpipe have now been refinished to match the pipes.

    A matching engraved silver mouthpiece tube was added in 1977, as well as the imitation ivory bulb. The pipes display the unique one-piece ivory caps Sinclair was known for. Close-up photos of the silver below show it to be a lovely and intricate pattern.

    The set is virtually perfect now. The ivory is absolutely pristine, as the photos show.

    Full, rich, and very steady, Sinclair pipes were the leading modern instrument of the 1960s, and the Edinburgh firm has enjoyed a solid reputation for excellent since its inception in the 1930s under the first William Sinclair.