• WW1-era Lawries, ebony, full ivory

    What I was struck by more than anything with these pipes was the steadiness. The first set of reeds I tried in them locked in right away, and even though the chanter reed sharpened up and I eased off to compensate, the drones stayed locked. The tone was full and smooth: typical Lawrie/Henderson of this vintage.

    The pipes are lovely dark ebony that has been beautifully refinished. The ivory is lovely, though slightly stained and spider-lined here and there. It is in good condition but for one chip on the blowpipe projecting mount. The chanter stock had slight a slight crack that became apparent after the finish was removed, and has been invisible whipped. The ivory ferrule from the chanter stock was missing. Another old ivory Lawrie ferrule has been installed to replace it.

    There is not much more to say about this set. It is an elegant full ivory set in ebony, beautifully restored by Dunbar Bagpipe Makers. The sound and steadiness would win prizes at the highest levels, or suit the hobby piper who just wants trouble-free tone!